terminal server 2003 refusing keyboard input at login.

By Dogbyte ·
running win 2003 and last friday the thing refuses to take input from a keyboard. they keyboard works during bios and during a remote session from Ideal Admin, and also using ERD Commander, but not from any client side keyboards once it boots or from a keyboard plugged directly into the server (ps2 or usb). once windows takes over somehow and dictates the keyboard function, it stops working. we tried to do a file system repair install but it asked for the serial key. since we dont have a way to put it in, we have a vegetable until we figure this out. we have put in a temp server for the moment.

anyone ever have this type of problem? its proving to be a real doozy. before we vegetized it, i had went in and checked the keyboard drivers and regional settings to make sure that its booting up with the correct default keyboard layout. but other then that, we were counting on either a scannow or repair install hopefully fixing our problem. i still think its a windows issue but my boss thinks its maybe a hardware problem. we have it locked down so tight that i cant see how a user could have changed anything that would have jacked it up, but you know how that always goes.

also one thing that was odd to me: when trying to login, if you hold down a key long enough, it does show to input some value but of course its just denoted by an * on the password field. if i do this for the entire password, it still doesnt login. and as im holding down the buttons, you hear a clking sound from the pc speaker like you do when your in DOS or text based programs, a buffer warning i guess. the mouse works and the drop down menu for the domain works, but all keyboard input is a no go, after the splash screen and the keyboard stops working, the num lock light comes on and cant be turned off/on.

any ideas? right now ive got an image of the HDD for any info we'll need for users logging into the new temp server, and im gonna try and find out where to put in a run command for the onscreen keyboard so maybe we can salvage this repair install. not sure where in the reg the command will need to go though?
maybe here? dunno...

ive still got alot of digging to do on the web to try and get some more ideas to why this is happening.

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terminal server 2003 refusing keyboard input at login

by davidhughes In reply to terminal server 2003 refu ...

have same problem with a customer server of mine on a dell poweredge 2800, running server 2003 Std. Have all the exact problems except the end user was able to type the serial number in when we tried a repair install but still didnt solve the problem. Dell have no idea either and I really can't see it being a hardware problem as the keyboard works ok in windows but not at the splash screen using either local keyboard or rdp connection ?

Anyone else had this problem and know how to resolve it as it is getting annoying now lol


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terminal server 2003 refusing keyboard input at login

by NGRNGR In reply to terminal server 2003 refu ...

I have the same problem here with a member of a Windows 2003 Terminal Service Cluster.

The only difference is that the local keyboard attached to the server works properly.

The only KB I found on M$'s technet didn't help at all (

And this post is the only one I found on Internet !

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