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By FluxIt ·
I am wanting to set up the Terminal Server to provide thin client services for several purposes. I have never used this before.

The first purpose is to serve as a Point of Sale system with three sessions servicing registers and one session for a managers workstation.

The second purpose is to provide workstation sessions for rent. In this I would like to provide computer gaming sessions, Desktop publishing sessions, and a variety of other specified sessions.

My concern is that the sessions don't crash my server and that each session is isolated from accessing other sesnitive areas. I am also concerned about processor and memory loading for these sessions. I need to figure out how many processors and how much RAM I would need. Should I buy a dual or quad processor server board and should I get a board that supports 16 GB RAM or can I go smaller?

As for the software, is terminal server out of the box sufficient to run sessions or must I purchase something like CITRIX or terminal emulators? I am thinking Wyse terminals.

Can anyone help me on this?

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