Terminal Server 5GB pagefile/24GB physical memory virtual memory errors????

By Phill-d ·

I recently purchased a new 32 bit Enterprise 2003 Server with 24GB of RAM thinking this would be sufficient for our new ERP system. Didn't take long to figure out that it wasn't working as intended.

Our ERP system in it's infinite wisdom requires XP theme to be running. This has added overhead to the server but does not explain some weird problems.

1 With a large server load, the XP theme fails to load when starting a terminal server session. This was resolved by adding a second server and moving some users.

2 Despite using the PAE switch in boot.ini, I am still bouncing between 5 - 6 GB of page file usage with Approx 20GB of my 24GB remaining unused.

3 I have considered moving to X64 sever 2003 enterprise however, I am worried about MS Access stability on X64 based system which is used for a few in-house apps.

4 2 days ago, I got a low virtual memory warning on the server, everyone said the ERP system started to run really slow.

5 The ERP.exe does not normally use more than 350MB of memory it's self. None of the applications running use more than 2GB

Has anyone else experienced similar issues? What would you recommend in this situation.

I have done all the reading on PAE and AWE, I am a little confused. I understand that PAE will allow the virtual memory manager to address up to 64GB and applications should be able to use this without issue. As I have no application that requires over 2GB to run, it's not an AWE issue. I have read conflicting information on the kernel and whether it will use more than 2GB of memory.

Please help

if you need to contact me, I will be hiding under my desk in the fetal position, otherwise, you could just reply back to the threat. Thanks

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I went through a similar situation a few months ago

by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to Terminal Server 5GB pagef ...

In my case, I wasn't running Server 2003 on the computer with the memory issues....I had XP on it.

It is the computer we use for our GIS server and it is server class hardware....I couldn't get it address over 2GB even though I had 8GB in it...I tried everything I could think of before finally putting XP x64 on it. It's been working fine for has MS Access 2003 & FoxPro 6.0 on it (both are used a lot) and we've had no issues.

I haven't been able to find a driver for one of my HP printers (that's an XP thing & not Server 2003 though).

XP & 2003 are similar but NOT the same so I don't know if that's much help to you or not....I haven't installed 2003 x64 on anything.....just 32 bit versions.

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by Phill-d In reply to I went through a similar ...

Did you try printing to a networked printer shared off another server/PC that hosts the driver? I am wondering If I will have the same problem as you with printers. We run a print server on our Domain Contoller (don't ask) but we normal install all of the printers on the Terminal Server as well that point to the print server.

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RE: Printers

by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to Printers.....

I only have an issue with the one's an HP Business Inkjet 2800.
We're on a Novell Network & all printers are assigned IP's....we don't have any connected directly to a computer that is sharing over the network. I have 2 printers on an Intel print server that work fine though. All the other plotters, scanners, copiers, etc. work fine....we perfer not to set up any Windows clients so nobody has file & print sharing set up.

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by Phill-d In reply to Terminal Server 5GB pagef ...

Would anybody know why my page file is actively being used at 5-6GB though? It doesn't make sense when i have 20GB of physical RAM free.

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Are you letting Windows manage it or did you

by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to Pagefile

set it manually yourself?

If Windows is managing it then it would be the same as what was happening to me with the "pre" XP x64 thing I experienced. Windows will alot 1.5 times your physical RAM to virtual RAM....non 64 bit only sees about 3.5GB (do the should add up)....if you go 64 bit you'll end up with a very large page can go set it higher manually on the current install but I think you'll still have issues.....but like I said before.....I never tried Server 2003 on my GIS server....only XP.

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Pagefile size preset

by Phill-d In reply to Are you letting Windows m ...

The pagefile size was a preset size to approx 5GB. I thought if I let windows manage the pagefile, it may shrink and use less.

I think I am experiencing several issues on this server relating to memory. Although I have the PAE option enabled, it does not allocate more memory for the kernal. With 50+ terminal server users, I think it's getting overloaded. Do you know if moving to X64bit sevrer 2003 will allow the kernal to use more memory?

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I found this on the Microsoft site

by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to Pagefile size preset

The way I read it, you would have additional RAM available for the kernel in x64.

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Thank you

by Phill-d In reply to I found this on the Micro ...

That was extremely helpful. Thank you. I guess I am heading down the 64 bit path. Also, I now know that server 2003 has hyperspace, it?s so cool!

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Let me know how you make out.....

by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to Thank you

I'm planning on setting up ArcGIS Server in the near future & plan to do it on Server 2003 x64 (maybe 200 and will have to load it with plenty of RAM....probably 32GB....I'd be interested to hear about any issues you run into.

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Oh Dear

by Phill-d In reply to Let me know how you make ...

So we took the plunge and converted our 32bit terminal server to a 64bit TS. For the most part, the migration went as planned however, it still did not resolve the very problem we set out to fix.

Our ERP system requires that the windows XP theme be loaded for it to successfully run. We have successfully enabled Windows XP theme on the server by running the themes service. However, we approx 60 users login to the server, the themes fail to load.

The user is unaware that anything is wrong (even though they are not using the windows classic styles) they proceed to load the ERP system and it crashes on their session.

We are licensed for 100 terminal service users.
We have set the licensing to per user model
We have disabled any restrictions on the TS that would prevent the theme from loading.
The problem usually occurs at approx 60 users logged in, so I am thinking that something is getting overloaded but don?t know what.
We recently migrated from 32bit ? 64bit as we thought this may have been a kernel memory limitation.

Our server has 24 GB of RAM and we are not able to use this machine to it?s full ability because of this issue. I plan to call MS tomorrow and see if they can advise. In the mean time, if anyone has any suggestions, please feel free to post.


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