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Terminal Server Blue Screen

By Bisquitlips ·
Anyone have any experience with the following blue screen:

This box is a Compaq 6000 with 4 processors and 1 gig ram.

The server works along just fine for about two weeks and then bang! Blue
screens with the following:

Hardware Error
Contact your vendor.

And nothing else! We have run the compaq diags including the memoy diags
which take about 2 days to do completely, with no results.

I have run a 9 day perfmon (640 megs collected at 120 seconds) and
everything looks fine for several days. All processors are working
independently BUT about 12 hours prior to the point of failure (blue screen)
it shows all four processors begin peaking in tandum and at regular
intervals. However they only peak at about 5 % of capacity. Then...... the
Big Blue Bang!

This is very curious and I would appreciate any insight you may have before
I start removing and replacing memory, processors, backplanes or other
hardware. Compaq "Support" hasn't a clue!

If you have an answer for this, I shall ever bow before your obvious
superior intelligence! I have been fighting with this for about 5 months.
Interesting thing is that the server has gone as long as 38 days without
puking. Most usually it's about every 14 - 21 days.



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