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Terminal server client printing issue

By dave ·
I have a w2k server running Terminal server at sp3. I have 2 w2k pro clients running TS Clients. Sometimes when these users print to their local printer from a TS session the print job will go to the queue and will print but the job never gets deleted from the queue. They could print all day without the jobs getting deleted. Then they will print a job and all of their previous jobs will print again as well as the new job and they will then get removed from the print queue. I have had the clients reinstall their print driver. Other TS users will never have this problem. Occassionally the print spooler will restart on it's own. Any ideas

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Terminal server client printing issue

by samuelbrooks In reply to Terminal server client pr ...

Trouble is with SP3. It is causing the spooler restart issues. Try uninstalling SP3 and go back to SP2.

Check and look in their user support forum. They have some really good support tips for printer issues.

Also never install or use an printers other then the default printer that come with Windows 2000 Server.

If need be setup older printer drives on desktop pc's i.e. instead of an HP LaserJet 4050 set the HP LaserJet 4 printer driver on the desktop pc. I have foundthis to fix alot of issues. I have also had good success with the LaserJet 5 and Deskjet 550 drives. With Citrix I can remap drivers i.e. Desktop is LJ 4050 and Citrix would be LJ 5. I do not know if this can be done with just TS on it's own.

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