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    Terminal Server Licenses


    by dilligaffer ·

    I have a server setup in Terminal Server mode. All end-users are running fine however one end-user outside our network is receiving an error that her temporary license will expire in XX days. I’ve checked AD for her profile and I can’t figure out why only she receives this error. Any advice on this?

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      by bfilmfan ·

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      How is this user connecting to your network that is remote?
      Via the Internet?
      Via a WAN?
      Dial-up Shiva Lan Rover E? (Okay I put that one in just give all the old guys here a good laugh!)

      And what licensing structure did you purchase?
      User? Device? TS External Connector?

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      by razz2 ·

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      You have a license issue with the TS license server. As per this


      What if no Terminal Services CAL tokens are available on the
      license server?

      If your license server’s pool of available license tokens is
      depleted, the license server issues 90-day temporary license
      tokens to unlicensed clients. The temporary license token helps
      prevent denying service to a user. It gives you time to account
      for and purchase any additional required licenses, and install the
      corresponding tokens. The license server tracks when and to
      which machine a temporary license token is issued; including
      the date it will expire. You can review this information using the
      Terminal Services Licensing Manager utility.

      Good Luck


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      by rindi1 ·

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      What OS is that Workstation using? OS’s which aren’t automatically elligible for TS licenses will only be given a temporary license (windows 2003 i think such a license lasts 90 days, on windows 2000 servers this is shorter). OS’s which are automatically elligible for a TS license are windows XP Pro and windows 2000 pro. Home editions and windows9x must get an extra CAL from microsoft.

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