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Terminal Server Printers

By matjanan ·
I have a customer that is having problems with terminal server printers. When they log in and disconnect the system is leaving their printers still listed. i.e. one user has 3 printers on local pc, logs in 6 times and shows 18 printers in system (6 of each ptr with sessions 1-6 at ends). In Term Serv Mgr does not show any disconnected sessions. Happens on 3 of 5 machines in a remote office that connects to this terminal server. The only way to get rid of the printers is to delete them. This came up out of nowhere with no recent software or hardware changes on the server.

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by ivan In reply to Terminal Server Printers

If you do not need the local printers added to the server and would just like to have the "Default Office" printers available, you could as these printers local on the server, and then disable the Client Printer Redirection on the server, you can find where to set this here:

Admin Tools | Terminal Services Configuration | connections | RDP-TCP (connection listed)| Client Settings | here you can disable All the mappings that can happen in Terminal Services.

Apart from that, I am sure there are setting in the registery that you could set to have the printers forced, but it usally works best this way.

Hope this helps,


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by zaferus In reply to Terminal Server Printers

I've seen lots of bugs with Terminal Services. While maybe not the neatest - login and logoff scripts seem to work the best to connect and disconnect printers with net use commands and scripts are set to run through GPO.

With this the login script also clears the printers and mapped drives before it re-maps them to get rid of "residual" mappint problems.

Note that this doesn't work if the users just disconnect. They need to actually log off from a session.


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