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Terminal Server, QuickBooks, Admin rights

By mmeyers ·
I have a Win 2K3 Server with the following roles established: File Server, App Server, Terminal Server, Domain Controller, DNS Server. The last two (DC, DNS) are to provide backup for another W2K3 server that is the primary DC/DNS server.

We use this server to provide remote access to our QuickBooks application; remote users use Remote Desktop Connection to run QuickBooks on the server. QB, however, requires that the use have some admin rights. Other than making the remote individuals Administrators, I have not been able to find a set of folder-specific or Power User permissions that will work, but, of course, making them Administrators is not a good idea.

Can anyone offer suggestions?

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by TonytheTiger In reply to Terminal Server, QuickBoo ...

We had that with one of our applications. It turned out to be the program was trying to write to its own ini file in the Windows directory. A non-administrator would not have access to this file so the write failed. We contacted the manufacturer and figured out which file was causing the problem, changed the permissions on just that file so that authenticated users could write to it. It could also be a file in the applications directory under "Program Files".

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Similar Issue...

by NotSoChiGuy In reply to Maybe

We were using an application, Pathlore LMS, that wanted to write something to the Windows System 32 directory. Needless to say, this would go over like a bag of bricks.

What we ended up doing was modifying the user profiles on the terminal server to have the environment variable for WINDOWS point to the users home directory. This resolved the issue without causing any other ones.

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Same issue

by star_tri In reply to Terminal Server, QuickBoo ...

I having the same problem. I am the IT consultant for a accounting firm and some customers would like to be able to run QuickBooks - and just quickbooks - trough term. serv. Does it have to be done with OU and GPO.
Regarding the file access that's easy.
Download filemon from
Great tool!

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Solution to QB through Remote Desktop

by rvillamilj In reply to Same issue


The solution is to give your accounting group write access to the ...All users\Application Data\Common files\Intuit folder and subfolders.

Good luck!

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Thank you

by randy In reply to Solution to QB through Re ...

Found this in an Internet search and this did not work for me. The solution to my problem was to give the quickbooks security group full (write) permissions on the following registry keys.

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Still not working for me...

by porphyria In reply to Thank you

I have made all of the changes suggested here to no avail.
My problem seems a bit different.

The WIndows 2003 Server Installation has the OS on Drive
'C:', and 'D:' is the partition used for files and shares. D
has the shared folder 'Quickbooks' that holds all of the
pertinent files. So here's the error, If I am logged in
remotely, I can access the Quickbooks folder on D, but
not the root of the D drive itself. This is only important,
because Quickbooks upon attempting to open the file
gives me an error stating "You must have at least 512KB
available on drive in order to open the Quickbooks

The root drive permissions are automatically set as it is
an administrative share. Am I missing something obvious,
has anyone seen this before?

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Similar but Different

by vid In reply to Still not working for me. ...

I have QuickBooks installed on a server other than my TS server, that way I can set permissions for the QuickBooks folder without having to worry about administrative permissions on an administrative share. You might want to see if you can give that a shot.

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