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By Vitocotroni ·

My office runs Windows terminal server 2003.
We have about 15 users per application servers (We have 3) User always complains the system is slow. I must agree it is indeed. When I look at the task manager I can see the processor rarly go up to 12% uage but the page file is always over 2.2 G. The servers only have 2G of RAM and 4G of page file. Could this be slowing everybody down? My it subcontractant says 2G is enought but I feel putting 1 or 2 G more could not hurt? How can I judge the right amount of RAM to put on my servers? Thanks in advance for the tips.

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by scott_heath In reply to Terminal Server RAM

According to specs you do have enough memory. Unless your app is a memory hog. Of course it could be your disk sub-system as well. Are these servers running SATA or SCSI drives? SATA is no where near as fast as SCSI. IF they are SCSI, how much memory is on the controller?

I don't think it would hurt to add more RAM, but more importtant than the size of the swap is the amount of free physcial memory. If it is in fact using all of it, htne go ahead and upgrade.

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by Richdoode In reply to Terminal Server RAM

Use PERFMON to monitor the counter "Paging File / % Usage Peak", run this with no uses connected to terminal server then with all users working. Check out what the peak value is.

If it seems to be high I'd say 50% or more, then more RAM will probably help. If it is generally low then I would look other places like the disk subsystem or even the processor speed.

Another thing to think about is check to see if your page file is highly fragmented.

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