Terminal Server running themes 73 session Limit?

By Phill-d ·

I will give 100 galleons to the person who can help me with this issue (just kidding but I really would appreciate someone's wisdom)

We have a terminal server with 24GB of memory on which we MUST run themes for our ERP software.

The theme will load correctly for the first 72-73 users that logon to the server. After that, the server no longer loads the theme but will load the session.

We are currently utilizing 10GB of the memory consisting of 8GB physical and 2GB of pagefile.

The OS is Windows Server 2003 Enterprise 64bit. we just upgraded from 32bit last weekend thinking it would resolve the problem but it did not.

I know it is not common belief that a graphics card would have any involvement in a terminal server setup, however, a few months back, we purchased a new backup server that we could not remote into because of a graphics card issue. We had to update the graphics driver to get it to work. So using that logic, could I have a video memory issue? We currently only have 16MB graphics memory.

We also have 100 TS licenses in 2 sets of 50, so I have ruled that out.

ANY help would be extremely useful at this point.


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It looks like a you need more memory

by salim In reply to Terminal Server running t ...

Did u try adding more memory???

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by Phill-d In reply to It looks like a you need ...

We did not add more memory as it is not utilizing the full 24BG that it currently has access to.

We believed that running 32 bit could not use all of the memory available so we migrated to 64bit.

I just checked memory usage and I am using 9.5GB consisting of 4GB of pagefile(pagefile.sys) and 4.5GB physical. I read that the PF usage indicator in task manager cannot is not an accurate representation of the pagefile usage. It is how much pagefile space would be required should all memory need to be paged out. That is why I referenced the pagefile.sys file

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That is sort of why I asked you about the PF size

by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to Memory

in your post yesterday to your "old" question.

The OS should see the whole 24GB RAM in 64 bit....we know that....but it's not there for some reason.

In the 64 bit GIS machine I set up, which we discussed a couple weeks ago, I had to enable some of the slots in the BIOS (plus make sure I had the RAM in the correct slots for the configuration I was using).

My machine has 8 slots....capable of 4GB each...I now have 4 X 4GB chips....I had to insure I had 4 of the slots enabled & the other 4 disabled....if my "empty" 4 were enabled, I could not access the full amount of RAM.

My properties show me with 16GB physical & a PF of about 22GB for a total of ~38GB.

Edited for: you suggested in your other post that you were going to contact Microsoft today....did you get anywhere with that?

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MS Support

by Phill-d In reply to That is sort of why I ask ...

I did call MS (at the request of my C.F.O). When he found out they were going to charge, he changed his mind. They wanted $249 for the incident. He asked me to log the incident with the ERP manufacturer, of course, they want nothing to do with it and will not offer up any solutions except to run the program locally on the PC. That would be a good idea if 80% of our PC's were not Windows 98.

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Just wondering where you got with that...

by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to MS Support

I used to do MS support for XP - tier 2....that's about what I'd be dealing with them for a couple weeks also.

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Total Memory

by Phill-d In reply to That is sort of why I ask ...

When I look at the general tab in system properties, I see 23.9GB of RAM. Would you think that is sufficient for the OS to 'see' all of the RAM or am I missing the point?

If I was running out of RAM, wouldn't the server become unresponsive? I would expect to see some kind of errors listed in the event viewer however, there is nothing listed at all. Quite simply, the themes fail to load and it looks like the windows classic theme is running.

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What do you have when you go to

by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to Total Memory

Task Manager - performance?

It still sounds like a memory issue.

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Memory Capacity

by Phill-d In reply to What do you have when you ...

I would agree if I were at 80-90% memory utilization however, when you consider that X64bit can have up to 64GB of memory with the pagefile, it just doesn't add up.

Why would themes suddenly stop working at 30% physical memory capacity. I thought the memory manager manages the memory and the applications & processes have no comprehension whether they are using physical or paged memory. Also, you would think changing from 32bit to 64 bit would have had some effect on the number of sessions able to run themes but it has not.

Any other ideas?

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We need someone better with hardware on this...

by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to Memory Capacity

maybe send a note to OH Smeg, Jacky Howe or's not making a lot of sense to me.

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News Flash

by Phill-d In reply to Terminal Server running t ...

New version of ERP system will not require themes. Well, that's good and all but how many new bugs will be introduced in the new version? and there is currently no release date. Anyone else heard of Infor???? I still wish to purse this problem. Plus, after we migrated to x64bit, our ERP system slowed down. LOL, we only run the client on this server, all DB and background processes are handled by separate servers which have not been changed.

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