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    Terminal server vs rras


    by luke44 ·

    We are implementing a server with rocket modem 2 which will receive point of sale information from 3 stores via dial up connection. Should we use terminal server or rras and give step by step instructions for your choice.

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      Terminal server vs rras

      by erikdr ·

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      Depends on the app. If data exchange from POS to head office can be done in batch mode, dial-up and RRAS is the way to go. Only pay the phone bill for the few data exchange slots during the day.
      If the staff at the stores need online access to HQ, and really also need to retrieve data interactively without batch access, TServices are the logical route.

      Step by step for Rras/Batch:
      – Install RAS on W2K, and add one user account with limited rights per store
      – Create a DUN connection on thestore’s PC’s. Set to disconnect after 5 minutes of no access.
      – In the scheduler of the workstations, add jobs which send/receive the collected data. This can be done by simple NET USE’s to the servers RAS shares and then COPY.
      The DUN connection will auto-dial as soon as the job needs the remote share, and terminate 5 minutes after the last COPY. Of course, further processing is inside your applications.

      Have fun,

      – The Netherlands

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      Terminal server vs rras

      by maxwell edison ·

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      I would use RRAS, Routing and Remote Access Server. The following article will show you how to configure Windows 2000 Server to accept incoming calls from your users. It also shows how to configure different clients so they can dial into your Windows 2000 Server.

      (REMOVE SPACES if they snuck into the pasted URL)

      Good luck,


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      Terminal server vs rras

      by luke44 ·

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