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Terminal Server with 2 NICs

By Calibrandi ·
Looking hi and low for some sort of info but no luck. Here is the scenario.
Terminal Server
enable NIC
Second NIC (we want to use .13)
CFS Filtering thru Sonicwall is IP based.
So I want CEO's to use .14 so they are not effect
All other users to use .13 so they can't user restricted sites
Tried adding RDP in Terminal Services configuration and binded RDP session to proper NIC card
But once I do that can't use any RDP session and need to revert back.
There needs to be step by step tutorial to get this done. Just can't seem to properly search...
First post of my life by the way, so guys / gals make me a believer

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How delightful

by santeewelding In reply to Terminal Server with 2 NI ...

I grew up in Scituate.

I suggest, as others surely will, that you re-post in the Questions section. It is a minor transgression. Folks in Discussion, like me, notice more and respond to -- like -- your provenance. Folks in Questions -- they are **** on wheels about problems like yours.

When is the last time you saw the The Harbor from the town pier frozen solid with ice?

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I lived on Beaver Dam Road

by Calibrandi In reply to How delightful

My mother still lives in Scituate,
Small world
I haven't been home in over 2 years
Living in San Diego.. NO ICE


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