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Terminal Service is loading too long

By naturale02 ·

some user have encounter that whenever they login to the server thru terminal server,the loading is crawling at the "Loading your personal settings". It can take up to 20mins
to connect. But once connect it is very fast.
Any idea about this issue?

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by JEPott In reply to Terminal Service is loadi ...

Check to see what's starting during the session - are drives being mapped, are logon scripts being run, is data being syncronized for any reason. Just a couple of quick thoughts.


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by bart777 In reply to Terminal Service is loadi ...

This is usually caused by a large profile or bad drive mappings. Since this is limited to a small group of users I would check profile sizes.

Also as JEPott suggested check the drive mappings to see if they are correct. You might try removing all mappings and having your script (assuming you are running one) rebuild the mapping. If not rebuild them manually.

My bet is that these users never clean out their profiles and may have many MB of temp internet files and the like.

Good luck

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