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    terminal service license for clients


    by tom_kavitha ·

    how can i remove issued terminal service license of a client .i have got maximum license count upto 20 .On client OS is win 98.already 20 had issued and now one client adds it cannot access the terminal service or server can’t able to issue the license.

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      by centauri ·

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      That depends. When Microsoft first issued Terminal Services in Windows 2000, there was no way to recover a Terminal Services CAL issued to a client without calling Microsoft. Later they issued a hotfix described in KB article Q287687 that changes the TS-CALs so that will have an expiration date if not used and will be returned to the license pool. (This hotfix also changes the way TS-CALs are issued so that you have to login to the Terminal Server first.) Only TS-CALs not issued when the hotfix is applied will be converted into recoverable CALs. The hotfix was included in Service Pack 3.

      If you have SP1 or SP2 without the hotfix, you have to call Microsoft and plead your case as this is the only way to recover the licenses. Once the licenses are recovered, but before anyone has connected to the Terminal Server, apply the hotfix or SP3 to convert the CALs into recoverable licenses.

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