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    terminal service license for clients


    by tom_kavitha ·

    how can i remove issued terminal service license of a client .i have got maximum license count upto 20 .On client OS is win 98.already 20 had issued and now one client adds it cannot access the terminal service or server can’t able to issue the license.

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      by mvesce ·

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      The was an issue in the past with windows 2000 which did not release the TS Cals so if you for example tested a terminal server connection with a test workstation the server would lease out a license and you would lose it permanently. There was a fix which was included I believe in service pack 3. This could be one possiblity of your issue. What the fix does is assure that licenses expire and are reassigned properly. Make sure you have the latest service packs loaded. A machine that was NOT licensed before will get a temporary lease which will keep you licensed until non-used leased computers expire. therefore opening up a license and reapplying it to the correct client machine. A sure alternative solution would be to uninstall and reactivate and apply your license pack. If you are positive that you have 20 Terminal servers or less and still having an issue, call the Microsoft Clearing House (1-888-571-2048) and explain the issue. The will most likely give you a code to add an extra CAL.

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