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    Terminal services


    by paulvuks ·

    I have 2 wokgroup servers. Server A and Server B. I would like to use terminal services to connect to computers on both servers remotely. They both use the same range of IP addresses. I hav TS set up on both servers. Is it possible to make a connection to two different servers and attached PC’s, if so how would I have to configure the boxes?

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      by jasonschambers ·

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      well I am hoping I am answering this correctly. I am hoping your using a static IP addresss for your servers so you will always know what your connecting to.

      You can connect to both server at the same time and see both screens on your desktop and you can do this with either the web based connection or the client software that you can install. Just open two different connections

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      by curacao_dejavu ·

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      you can have multiple connections open to the same servers are other servers (it’s just connections afer all, just multiple windows of the terminal server clients are running).

      the other question is vague (the one to attached pc’s), if you ae referring to see the sessions that the other users are running ,you (as the administrator) have to have the terminal server manager running, and you can do a show request.

      if you are referring to the other pc’s as to see what they are running locally on not in the session to terminal server, you need another software (vnc, remote administrator, pc-anywhere, etc)


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