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Terminal Services

By tdigirolamo ·
I have recently implemented terminal services for the first time to give remote users, across a slow frame relay, better response time working with spreadsheets and databases. It seems to work well. However, I continue to have issues with files staying locked after they are done with their session. If they disconnect by going through "Start", "Shut Down", "Log Off", on the server, everything seems fine. But, if they just close their session, or it crashes, other users cannot access whatever file they were working on. If I go to the terminal services manager on the server, I will see their session listed as disconnected. If I reset it, it goes away and the file can be accessed again. Is there some way for disconnected sessions to be reset automatically, or is there just something else that needs to be set up so that these files do not stay locked if a session is not properly logged off?

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Terminal Services

by timwalsh In reply to Terminal Services

The basic issue is is that if a session is disconnected, instead of being closed, the session remains active. The end result is the same as if someone opens a document on a local file server and walks away. With the document open, no one else can access it.

If you have instituted Active Directory, there are settings in each users account dealing with this very issue. The same settings can be applied using Group Policy.

The configuration options are:
Set time limit for disconnected sessions
Set time limit for active sessions
Set time limit for idle sessions
Allow reconnection from original client only
Terminate sessions when time limits are reached

Hope this helps.

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Terminal Services

by tdigirolamo In reply to Terminal Services

Well, there is the problem. We have not implemented Active Directory yet (long story). Any suggestions on how to handle this in an NT Domain?

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Terminal Services

by JimCim In reply to Terminal Services

Try this:
Go to administrative tools> terminal server configuration> connections, then right click on your protocol (RDP,ICA)and choose properties. Go to the sessions tab and click on override user sessions and choose from the drop down box the length of time before a user session is disconnected. It won't take effect for the users logged on until after their next logon. Good luck. Jim

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