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Terminal Services dropping connections?

By khafner ·
I have an interesting situation here. We have a remote office that connects to a server running a real estate closing called SoftPro via Terminal Service Web Access over a VPN. What happens is the users get "dropped" from from the connection and they end up back at the TS login screen. They reconnect and end up exactly where they had left off before getting "droped". I am assuming this is an issue with TS not the application since the app appears to continue to run. The timing of the drop is inconsistent, sometime 5 minutes sometimes 25 minutes or it will work all day. My first guess was the connection was timing out, but am not sure. Any ideas out there?

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by kansaspcdoc In reply to Terminal Services droppin ...

if running win2k go into Active Directory and pull up the user in question, go to the Terminal services tab and set a timeout time and reconection parameters.

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by khafner In reply to
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by razz2 In reply to Terminal Services droppin ...

The problem is most likely a timeout. What are the connections
in each office, DSL, T1, Cable etc? Is the VPN hardware or
software and if hardware what kind?


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by khafner In reply to Terminal Services droppin ...

Connection is maintained over DSL - using Netgear ProSafe VPN Firewalls FVS328.

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by lmayeda In reply to Terminal Services droppin ...

We've been running Terminal Services for a couple of years from two different sites ... one via DSL and the other via cable. It appears to be one of those things you have to live with unless you opt for a private T1 line. The explanation I got was that if a user were to connect at a certain speed and the there is a deterioration in the connection rate, the terminal server will disconnect you. While all of our remote workstations are set to NEVER hibernate or shutdown... we are regularly disconnected if the workstation is idle for x minutes. If someone has resolved problem, I would be happy to know of it too.

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