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Terminal Services licensing problem

By C.Tyler ·
I am working with a client that is using W2k3 AD server as license server, and a W2k Terminal server. CALS do not issue. Terminal Server is set to 'per device'. 20 CAL win2000 Per Dev license had been installed initially. Also tried reinstalling the license as a 20 CAL Win2k3 per dev license. No success. It was suggested by another engineer that I reinstall the licensing server on the Win2k Terminal Server, but I want to see if there might be some other suggestions. Pardon the limited info, as I am out of my area of expertise on this.

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If the clients are using W2K Pro or XP Pro, the CALs are not issuing because they don't have to. 2K Pro and XP Pro get "free" licenses when you are running off of a W2K terminal server.

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by C.Tyler In reply to

First, I appreciate your quick response. When looking at the license server, there are 5 CALs that were pre-existing. These 5 CALs had been issued to clients previous to my delving into this issue. I do notice that there is no expiration date for these issued CALs. But none of the 20 CALs from the new license had been issued over several weeks. However, when I visited the client last week, one of the 20 CALs had finally issued. This issued CAL does indicate an expiration date, unlike the initial 5. So it appears that licensing is functioning. But I am still a bit confused. If there is no expiration date on the initial 5 CALs, then what happens if the client is eliminated? Is there a way to reclaim the CAL? As always, I appreciate everyone's time and expertise.

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was the machine upgraded since the licensing server was initially installed? if it has no expiration date, it was likely issued by a W2K SP2 or earlier box. If you need to recover those, you have to contact microsoft. the expiration feature was put into place starting with W2K SP3.

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