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Terminal Services Printers "in session" duplicating themselves

By lfsmwilliamson ·
I work at South Louisiana Community College as an entry level network administrator. Ever since i've worked here we mostly everything has run smooth with the exception of our terminal services area. We currently use windows server 2003 along with WYSE terminals that remote into our application server for the students to use there programs. The programs run fine but the printers on the terminals (for users that remote into the server) lose there connection repeatedly and go into "session". My current fix to the problem is just readding the printer from active directory and it works fine until it loses it's connection again in which i have to repeat this process. Doing this everday for 80 terminals is beginning to be a really big hassle. Any help would be appreciated thanks.

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Printer setup?

by anthony.bryson In reply to Terminal Services Printer ...

Are these printers connected to each of the remoted computers?

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Check the following settings

by anthony.bryson In reply to Terminal Services Printer ...

If the answer to the previous question is yes, here is what to check.

On the server, go into administrative tools and then into Terminal Services Configuration. In the Server Settings, I would mark the "Restrict each user to one session" if all remote computers remote into server with different credentials. Next, I would Right Click on the "RDP-Tcp" in Connections and go to properties. Go to the Client settings tab and check either "Use connection settings from user settings" or if all that is needed are printers, check "Connect client printers at logon". This should fix your problem.

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