Terminal Services Problem

By rkuhn ·
User can RDP into server #1 but not server #2. Server #1 is running SBS2003 and server #2 is a Terminal Services server running Server 2003.

Error message is:

"The client could not connect. You are already connected to the console of this computer. A new console session cannot be established."

Already rebooted the TS server, rebooted her laptop and most interesting (after all reboots) if I do a netstat -an on her laptop, I see 4 connections to server #2...ports 123, 137, 138, and 1900.

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by cmiller5400 In reply to Terminal Services Problem

Port 123 is NTP for time syncronization

Port 137 and 138 are for Netbios

Port 1900 is for SSDP -Simple Service Discovery Protocol

Have you looked at -->

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KISS - Keep it Simple Stupid

by rkuhn In reply to Well...

I'm retarded. Never look for complex solutions to simple problems.

Her home router was assigning the exact same IP address as the Terminal Services server thus creating a loopback.

In essence, when hitting the IP address of the TS server, she was really hitting her own IP address as networking always looks locally before externally.

With Windows XP, you can't RDP into your own box locally (without a hack).

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by cmiller5400 In reply to KISS - Keep it Simple Stu ...

At least you found the solution

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