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By brianeaglesfan ·
I was wondering if any of the fine minds here at TR would be willing to give a noob SA a hand at a terminal services problem I'm currently facing. We're running a test environment made up of all 2K3 servers (license, terminal, application), with a couple of TSCALs (per device) showing as available. A user (running XP pro) is getting a message stating:

Your terminal services temporary client license will expire in 14 days. Please contact your system admin for a permanent license.

My questions are:

1) I understand the concept of picking up a temp license on the first sign-on and a permanent on the second, but is the second sign-on the only time the TS attempts to provide a permanent license to the client? Or does it try on every subsequent sign-on until one is available?

2) How could I force the client to try again at getting a permanent license? I've read of deleting certain values within the registry to remove the old license and restart the process in a 2K environment but are these instructions / values the same for a 2K3 environment?

Thanks a bundle for any help.

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by Roger99a In reply to terminal services questio ...

The answer to question #1 is it should try every time.

I suggest you go to and search the knowledge base for the answer to # 2.

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link to MS for how to delete MSLicensing Key

by TG2 In reply to terminal services questio ...;en-us;323597

make sure you get the whole thing, its a KB article on XP getting the error ... but at the bottom has the steps to delete the license from the machine and get a new one.

by the way, this is also one of the reasons we've gotten away from device cals ... and gone to user cals.. granted you can't have a generic login for several people to use as one logging in after another causes the first one's session to close.. but.. it has stopped us from having to periodically delete the licensing key because its too stupid to get a new temp or perm license. of course there are probably other issues there.. but I'm not paying microsoft to come in and fix the little stuff..

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