Terminal Services Reliability when maximized?

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I have a client who's sales force works from home and accesses their system remotely. Needless to say, we were introduced to this company after a previous company deployed an SBS 2003 with Exchange, CRM 3.0 and Quickbooks Enterprise.
The remote users currently have their laptops with them at their home offices and vpn into the network then into stand-alone desktop computers using Web Remote Workplace.
However, as the company adds more employees in the near future, adding a stand-alone computer that he/she can access remotely PLUS the expense of a laptop to use from his/her remote office will be necessary. This sounds expensive thus, having to double the computers for each new remote employee.

Here's the Question:
Does "Terminal Services" work in a stable manner?
I'm considering just placing a stand-alone WIndows 2003 server with Terminal Services enabled so that remote employees can access this one server rather than multiple stand-alone desktops.
Do you know if Server 2003 is stable enough to handle multiple users logged in via Terminal Services? If there are quirks or drawbacks, can you post them? Thank you in advance.

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That's what it's designed for.

by bart777 In reply to Terminal Services Reliabi ...

Terminal services is and has been stable for a long time.
There are occasional problem with applications that don't play well on TS but what you are listing here will work fine in a TS environment.

The only thing you will need to watch out for is licensing. Both TS CALs and program access licenses.

If they are looking to add that many users then you will want to go the TS route. Just remember one thing....
When installing appications on the Terminal server make sure you use the Add/Remove programs wizard to get it done. This makes sure that they program is available for all users who connect.

Best of luck.

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Remote offices

by rbtechguy In reply to Terminal Services Reliabi ...

TS works great for us. We have 3 locations within the state. All(17) of our remote users are connected to our Terminal Server via Internet VPN. The only issues we have faced werent stability related, rather, speed related because of the Internet VPN.

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