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Terminal Services - Remote Desktop

By rfisher ·
I have a problem. Windows XP computers and Windows 2000 Server. Running in Remote Administration mode. I want to allow two sales people to edit a database on the server, but I don't want them to have access to other user's home directory. I can only allow them to access the server if I give them Administrator or Server Operator privleges. Is there any other group that I can add them to, or a Policy that I can edit that will allow them access without full access to the entire directory structure. Also, I would like to not allow them to shut the server down from Remote Desktop. Thanks in advance for your input.

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Terminal Services

by timwalsh In reply to Terminal Services - Remot ...

The short answer is "no." A user must be a member of one of these two groups in order to use Remote Administration mode.

In order to do what you want to do, you need to use Application Server mode. But of course you also need to spend more money for the appropriate CALs (which I assume is why you are trying to use Remote Administration mode).

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No, but.....

by zachary.crawford In reply to Terminal Services

When you use Terminal Services in Remote Administration mode, the server accepts only two Terminal Services client connections. When you use this mode, you do not require licensing; however, only members of the Administrators group can gain access to the server. It is recommended that you use this mode for non-Terminal Services servers to configure remote control-type access to remote servers.

When you use Terminal Services in Application Server mode, the server accepts more than two simultaneous connections by non-administrators. When you use this mode, you must install the Terminal Services Licensing service on a domain controller (you can install this service on any server in a workgroup environment). You also require a Terminal Services Client Access License if you use any non-Windows 2000 Professional-based clients.

See the following:

Application Mode Installation
It is highly recommended that you only install Terminal Services on a server that has been installed on an NTFS partition.
1) Open the Add/Remove Programs Control Panel.
2) Click Add/Remove Windows Components.
3) Select Terminal Services and click Next.
4) In Terminal Services Setup, click Application server mode.
5) Next, you need to choose whether you want permissions to be compatible with Windows 2000 Users or with Terminal Server 4.0 Users. The Windows 2000 Users option is the more secure option.

6) In Terminal Services Licensing Setup, specify whether you want to license your entire network/enterprise or just your domain and then provide the directory location for the database. 7) Click next.
On the next scree click finish.
9) You will need to reboot.

Note: Terminal Services Licensing is a required component. It is recommended that you do not enable Terminal Services Licensing on the same computer with Terminal Services.

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