Terminal Services Server in addition to being a file server

By xenon1 ·
The title is a misnomer. I don't really want a file server there, but a place for PST files to be saved and backed up.

I have a Terminal Server with a lot of space to spare. I wanted to keep some of the end users exchange PST files on a separate share of that server so that they can archive them on the network.

I can browse remotely to the share I created just fine with any PC in our network. However, when I try to modify a file, in this case a PST folder for archiving purposes, I keep running into "access denied", even as administrator. Locally on the machine itself I can create and modify the contents of the folder as administrator or as one of the end users that I have given access to that specific folder, but remotely (from another machine on our network) I get the access denied message again. So I know that permissions are set up correctly if using those credentials I can perform this task.

Any suggestion as to what is wrong?


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