Terminal Svcs Bandwidth mgmt

By saurabh_2507 ·
Is there any way to limit the bandwidth per user in Terminal Services of windows server 2008.
What is happening in my case is one user mugs up all the bandwidth due to which others get very slow connectivity.

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Identfy the issue

by Choppit In reply to Terminal Svcs Bandwidth m ...

I don't know about limiting bandwidth but it might help you to understand what application(s)/usage patterns are causing you the most pain. Is the problem RDP traffic or just a high level of general network traffic? Are they running applications which require constant screen updates?

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High Internet usage

by saurabh_2507 In reply to Identfy the issue

I know it very well that it is beacause that person is doing too much of surfing. Actually it is a case of internet bandwidth control per user account.

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Technical solution vs People Management

by Choppit In reply to High Internet usage

I'm not aware of any way you can throttle under these circumstances although you could probably apply QoS to prioritize HTTP traffic for the entire site or use a transparent proxy to restrict to defined non/low production time periods. Perhaps you should draw up an acceptable use policy and hold the users to it. Sometimes we're asked for technical solutions to what are really people management problems...

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