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A Nice Way to Reduce the Payment Overhead for your clients.

by WilliamSanders In reply to TerraFox - OneWorld, OneF ...

I had been knocking around a payment plan strategy with some of my overseas clients in Singapore lately, and I came up with something that I think works quite well, sans actually using a factoring service.

In essence, we break up the payments based on project milestones. This has been working well for us in fixed price projects, in the 4000 to 7000 range, with the First MileStone at Engagement, at 20 percent; then the Second MileStone at Design Document Signoff, at 20 percent; then the Third MileStone at Beta Delivery (we delivered on Alpha for FREE, BTW) at 30 percent; and the Final and Fourth MileStone at Final Delivery, at 30 percent.

I like it primarily because I can pay my salesreps (relatively) upfront on any project where we utilize this payment plan. So far there's been 5 days or less between engagement and Design Document Signoff milestones. My second reason for liking it, is simply that it spreads our client's cost over a fixed period of time, and it makes their acquisition of our services a tad less painful.

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VB6 to VFP CrossOver Series

by WilliamSanders In reply to TerraFox - OneWorld, OneF ...

I wanted to get a few urls in today before we did more serious work with this - but basically we're knocking out a CrossOver Series Seminar focused on those VB6 developers who still want to use a SHIPPING/CURRENT MS language product and not drink the KoolAid.

Have a gander here:,guid,453c9b02-e964-4311-850b-abcdcd84ddb3.aspx

and here:

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