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    Terrible experience with ASUS


    by rjdegraff ·

    Short version – My previous ASUS Vivobook, bought last July, had to be returned because both Best Buy and ASUS could not get it to recognize a second internal drive.

    My current ASUS (Vivobook 15 X513EA) has problems where the keyboard backlighting times out and will not come back on when activity is detected. When it dies, it also takes the fingerprint reader with it.

    Many of my thousands of photos display with an unnatural red or orange hue (they display fine on two other laptops).

    I frequently get timeouts followed by blue screen of death when watching youtube videos. Microsoft has confirmed this as a fault in the audio device. Related – about a third of the time when I start a video in VLC Media Player, there is no audio. Restarting VLC generally resolves this.

    Plus my wife is having infrequent but recurring problems with the touchpad on her Vivobook Flip 14.

    ASUS used to make decent laptops but the last three have been decidedly substandard.

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      Reply To: Terrible experience with ASUS

      by birdmantd ·

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      From what you mentioned, if it was within 12 months of original purchase and not purchased used, you should be under warranty. I don’t know how old those systems are and if they are still covered today.

      Asus was the former Texas Instruments-branded home computer division and Lenovo was the former IBM-branded home computer division. Things have changed over the years and these companies like to cut corners to keep their products as affordable/cheap as possible.

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      It’s actually got a 15 month warranty but…

      by rjdegraff ·

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      I’m in the middle of dealing with pressing family matters at the moment. I do plan to take it in for repairs soon although based on my last experience I am not optimistic. I really just wanted to rant in case anyone else was thinking of getting an ASUS. I think I’ll go back to Dell.

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        Reply To: Terrible experience with ASUS

        by birdmantd ·

        In reply to It’s actually got a 15 month warranty but…

        Don’t forget that Dell computers are not manufactured or sold by the original company started by Michael Dell either. It was also bought out more than a few years ago. I used to swear by the fact that Dell computers were some of the best computers out there, but no longer. They have also gone to the cheap component philosophy like ASUS and Lenovo.

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      Terrible Experience with ASUS Solution

      by charlesturner724 ·

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      Recognition of a second internal drive: If both Best Buy and ASUS were unable to resolve the issue, it could indicate a compatibility problem or a defect in the laptop’s hardware. In such cases, returning the laptop for a refund or replacement is a reasonable course of action.
      Keyboard backlighting and fingerprint reader: The timeout issue with the keyboard backlighting and the fingerprint reader not working could be related to a software or driver problem. It’s worth checking for driver updates on the ASUS support website or contacting their customer support for assistance.
      Unnatural color hue on photos: If the photos display fine on other laptops, it suggests that the issue may be specific to your current ASUS laptop. This could be related to the display settings or color calibration. Try adjusting the display settings or contacting ASUS support for further guidance.
      Blue screen of death (BSOD) and audio issues: BSOD errors and audio problems can be caused by various factors, such as outdated drivers, incompatible software, or hardware conflicts. It’s advisable to update your laptop’s drivers, especially the audio driver, and ensure that your operating system and software are up to date. If the issues persist, contacting ASUS support or seeking professional assistance may be necessary.
      Touchpad issues on Vivo book. Touchpad problems can be caused by driver issues, sensitivity settings, or hardware problems. Similar to the previous points, checking for driver updates and adjusting touchpad settings could help resolve the issue. If the problem continues, reaching out to ASUS support for further troubleshooting steps might be necessary.

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        by rjdegraff ·

        In reply to Terrible Experience with ASUS Solution

        The first laptop WAS returned because of its failure to recognize a second drive. I’ve reset the current laptop to factory twice and the same problems persist, even after ensuring all software/drivers are up to date. I’ve suggested to ASUS that the kb problem could be driver related but they were unwilling or unable to investigate.

        I’ve tried various display settings to correct the colour problem. Nothing has helped.

        BSOD – again, all of my drivers are the latest versions.

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