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Test DR plans on a regular basis

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Did your organization test its disaster recovery plan when it implemented the systems? How many times a year do you test your DR plan? Share your comments about the benefits of testing a DR plan, as discussed in the May 4 Disaster Recovery e-newsletter.

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Pay Attention all you IT Professionals!

by EASANTOS In reply to Test DR plans on a regula ...

I am appalled that I am the only responder to this article on DR. I did not **** it off, but rather put it in my "read later" file. Since it was posted, I accidentally discovered that the media my most important client was using on Wednesday and Friday was defective in such a manner as to NOT raise an alarm, but the backups would FAIL! ! !

I discovered this my a total fluke ! ! !

I had never re-tested restoring after I had set up the backup/restore procedure 9 months ago on this Linux system.

I would like to point out to my fellow professionals, that I am guilty of what was mentioned in this article.

I thought I had learned during the 2003 Northeast Power Grid Blackout that I should be more careful -- I had the old, not the new Servers plugged into the UPS when all of NY went dark !!!

I felt like an *** until I discovered that the reason the nation saw tourists sleeping on the street in Times Square is that every hotel (those I heard of) did not have a UPS system backing up the electronic room key systems! Imagine, pay $200+ dollars to sleep with the bums because there was no power to A) the server running key verification B) the actual door reader mechanisms -- what a ROYAL SCREW-UP !

Anyway, I have learned my lesson -- you others are in the queue !

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