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    Test LAN speed?


    by jeremy ·

    I was wondering if there was any way to test the speed of data flow between two pc’s on a home network. The machine is operating on 98se. The internet gatway icon in the system tray is indicating a speed of 10mbps, but does that apply to file transfer speeds that I would get between two pc’s in the network with a router?

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      by jim-h ·

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      You want to setup some sort of transfer between PC-A and PC-B to find your speed. Larger files will give you more accurate results, 1-10M. If you use small files your speed will look much smaller than expected. (As I have learned the hard way)

      My personal favorite to test speeds is FTP. You can download a free FTP Server from or Next, I prefer to use command line as sometimes different FTP clients vary in operation and simply is better, but you can use any FTP client to start a download from one PC to another and watch the transmit rate or time to calculate. If you are given the data rate in Bytes; multiply by 8 to get your bits speed.

      For example:
      If I am given 193K Bytes as a rate from a test, then I am getting T-1 speeds. (8*193K = 1.544M)

      You also might want to try this little tool that I found online recently. It looks like it might have a client and Server ready for you…I have not tried this one yet so please post your thoughts if you do.

      Hope it helps,

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      by deadly ernest ·

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      The connection should vary according to the setting and the capability of both ends. For the network conenction go to Control Pannel >> Network Connections >> Local Area Connection

      Select the General tab and the Properties button,
      this will open a window where you can configure the connection. At the bottom left corner is a little box labelled ‘Show icon in notificationarea when connected’ tick this box.

      Now when ever the connection is up you will have a little icon like to PCs near showing in the staus bar. When you place your mouse pointer over this icon whilst the connection is open it will show a little box saying ‘Local Area Connection Open and give the speed that it is currently operating at. this is the speed of the local area network if you have a gateway it will show the speed between you and the gateway but not between the gateway and the next hop.

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      by jeremy ·

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