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    Test Page on HP photosmart 1500 series


    by sir_shackster ·

    My grandparents recently bought a new computer desk, and as their local tech, I set up their system for them again. However, after it was all moved, we’ve run into an odd problem. Every time the printer powers on(cause my grandfather insists on shutting EVERTHING down at night) it prints a printer head alignment test page. I’ve completly run out of ideas on how to fix it. The printer seems to have no interface to change these options on, and it does it even when not connected to the computer, so it must be a setting specifically on the printer itself. However, I have tried changing all the settings in the printer/scanner section of the computer, just to make sure, still nothing has fixed it.

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      by sir_shackster ·

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      You may have to

      by gary56789 ·

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      uninstall the printer, delete out the HP directory on C:\ProgramFiles and then reinstall the printer drivers from disc.
      However, before you try that, go here and search for your particular model of printer (there are 300 listed for the info you posted) and search the database for your problem.

      If you need further assistance, please repost.

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        by sir_shackster ·

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        Thanks for the suggestion, I have tried uninstalling everyting(as far as the printer is concered), unfortunatly this also failed to fix the issue, I will however try the link you suggested. If you have any more suggestion, it would be much appreciated. Thanks again.

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          Dead end

          by sir_shackster ·

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          Just checked that web-site, no go. It gave me alot of stuff on how to print a test page, however, our problem is getting it to stop, not to start:).

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