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Test Plan? Business Requirements?

By Chi_girl ·
I am have no IT formal training. What I know I've learned out of curiosity not by trade. I am not put in a position of developing test plans and business requirements, none of which I know. I am a visual learner in need of a simple and quick "crash" course.. help. Oh, and sample forms would help.

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Get the to ITIL

by BFilmFan In reply to Test Plan? Business Requi ...

ITIL has the framework and thinking down pretty well:


Might also check into the ISO's procedures.

Best of luck.

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Great Site!

by Chi_girl In reply to Get the to ITIL

Just what I needed... thank you.

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Lots of samples on the web

by JamesRL In reply to Test Plan? Business Requi ...

You should choose whats appropriate for your business and the size of the project.

Let me give you a quick crash course.

There are lots of types of requirements. Business requirements are those that come from the client/user base. They are generally what we call functional -they define or add functionality in the product. Sometimes marketing requirements come into play for commericial software - what is the competition doing - what does the market expect at this price point etc.

There are also performance requirements and system/technical requirements.

Testing does relate to requirements - every requirement should be tested.

But alot of these terms are not actually IT - the same terminology is used in project management for construction.

I would recommend going to the Project Management Institute site (www.pmi.org) and getting the Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK) which will give you a high level overview of the whole project cycle.


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by Chi_girl In reply to Lots of samples on the we ...

I was toying with the idea of taking some PM courses or IT... PM it is.. thanks for the suggestion.

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You might find helpful...

by Salamander In reply to Test Plan? Business Requi ...

This site has some free articles that I've found useful in the past:


With respect to testing...my approach has always been to imagine the most absolutely-disastrous worst-case scenario and start by modelling that. Your end-users can give you insight on this from a functional standpoint.

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And this...

by Salamander In reply to You might find helpful...


This site looks to be pretty comprehensive.

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Best Approach

by Chi_girl In reply to You might find helpful...

I approach it the same way except I didn't know how to transmit that thought on to paper "formally" in a way that the programmers understood

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by ou_peter In reply to Test Plan? Business Requi ...

i am senior! i went to find job,but i never develop a large size software.i don't have experience about in development! So i went to carefully study how to develop software!

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Check out Bret Pettichord's site and hotlist

by A_dangerous_mind In reply to Test Plan? Business Requi ...

Try http://www.pettichord.com/ and his hotlist as a start.

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