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Test Scripts for New Software upgrades

By drmweaver ·
We have a software application that we have a production server and a test server. Each time we get an upgrade, we put it on the test server first.

However, higher ups would like to have test scripts for these updates.

Has anyone done something like this and if so, do you have any good ideas where to start?


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by puppybreath In reply to Test Scripts for New Soft ...

We always start with the users.

For example, let's assume that you want to test a new version of an app that calculates retails for a store. First, look at the data entry that occurs within the app. A user has to enter new items, delete inactive items, add costs, add regular retails, add sale retails, etc. Document each possible data entry scenario (with screen prints if possible). Include your sample data in the documentation so you can try to replicate the same results in the new system.

When you're ready to test the new system, all you or a user has to do is go step by step through the documentation and see if you end up with the expected results.

Once we're sure that there are no issues with data entry, we move on to imports and exports to ensure that our sample data imports correctly and that any exports match the exports from the previous version.

This is obviously very general information. If you can specify the type of app you're dealing with, it may be possible to give you a clearer recommendation on how to proceed.

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