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This proves to me - without exception

by maxwell edison In reply to Test Title

That TR is censoring discussions. Prove to me I'm wrong. Or, of course, it proves they still can't get it right. Either way......

(Note: I attempted to start no fewer than three discussions over the past two hours. NONE have shown up; but this one did.)

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i don't have any trouble with anything i post

by PurpleSkys In reply to This proves to me - witho ...

discussions, questions, watercooler topics. What are you trying to post? What is the context of your post? Maybe I can get someone to look into it for you.

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What am I trying to post?

by maxwell edison In reply to i don't have any trouble ...

A provocative political discussion, of course. And yes, one with a URL.

Thanks anyway, but no need to have anyone look into it. If they want to block me (and/or others) from starting provocative political discussions, then so be it; eventually, I'll just quit trying (kinda' like beating one's head against the wall who eventually just stops doing it).

P.S. My song of the day (gee, with a URL):

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Cool tune

by aidemzo_adanac In reply to What am I trying to post?

What I really respect about your music links is that they are never to modern day remakes, you appreciate the roots that almost always reach back to their blues origins, probably from being a Beatles fan.

While Cole was actually a cover of the original (from what I see in the same year as Troup's original), I actually think Cole is the most recognized, though most younger people would think of the Glen Fry version due to the more recent airplay.

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One of my favorite covers of that tune

by maxwell edison In reply to Cool tune
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I dunno

by aidemzo_adanac In reply to One of my favorite covers ...

I've sung it myself in the shower a few times too. I think I sounded pretty good, considering you can't actually hear yourself and my ears were full of shampoo.

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Well, of course they are.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to This proves to me - witho ...

They've been doing it from Day One. It's their web site; they take down or leave up what they want. Do you have reasons to expect otherwise?

I suspect you're using a URL or phrase that the spam filter is blocking. It used to give warnings, but now it sends the content into the Ol' Bit Bucket so spammers won't learn which words to avoid.

I ran into this a couple of years ago with the word 'suggestion'. It was blocked because the spam filter was set to look for 'UGG', a brand of boots being heavily pushed at the time.

It could be a similar filter programming issue; try sending your original content directly to a staff member or moderator and see if he or she can identify the troublesome language.

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I fully acknowledge and accept that it's their Web site, not mine

by maxwell edison In reply to Well, of course they are.

The content they choose to allow to be displayed is up to them. But I have to chuckle when I see suggestions that, perhaps, a URL or phrasing that doesn't make it through their spam blockers is the culprit, but I then see all the real spam (yes, with URLs) getting through.

But this is a tech site. If the tech experts - who are here to offer technical advice to other tech professionals - can't even fix their own damn problems, then it tells me there's probably another reason. I don't think they're that incompetent, quite frankly; I think there's some smart people who run this Web site. And I think they know exactly what they're doing by denying so many Water Cooler discussions to be started. Then again, perhaps I'm giving them more credit than they deserve. I suppose I'll never know which it really is.

It's embarrassing for a tech site, if you ask me. Would you take your automobile to a mechanic who can't even get his own car running right?

By the way, I converted the URL to a TinyURL, and I placed about three spaces in it so it was no longer a real URL. So there was really nothing egregious to block. Besides, if members who've been around for so long can't make it through their spam block, then we're apparently not thought of in very high regards.

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by CharlieSpencer In reply to I fully acknowledge and a ...

If you're bored, you might try posting the first paragraph of your original content, then editing it to add each additional para / sentence / word until you find what the filter doesn't like. It might not be the URL, Tiny or otherwise. I think the problem isn't your message as much as a string of characters within a particular word you may have chosen, characters the filter is set to look for.

Interestingly, I was blocked recently while trying to post a URL to a page on the ZDNet sister site.

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Good troubleshooting tips

by maxwell edison In reply to Troubleshooting.

But I'm not that bored.

I do think, however, that replies to a discussion are given more leeway than the original discussion itself. I posted a URL in a reply above, for example, but it would have, most likely, caused the original discussion to be blocked. (Both were YouTube links.)

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