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By santeewelding ·
I have been relying on an older distro of PCLinuxOS during my interrupted transition between XP to W7.

(My bleeding-edge A8N32-SLI DELUXE with Socket 939 for AMD Athlon 64 dual-core goes unrecognized by my $300, full-install W7)

Been a month or more, now, that I've been freeloading with Linux (again). Uncomplicated and pleasant, it has been. Except when things go, "Failed to open file:///root/tmp/13%20We%20Three%20Kings%20 of%20Orient%20Are-l.ogg. Which, the PhDs will see, was a simple musical; and, would point out, that, "All you have to do is...just...and only...", except that I don't have even an Associate's.

Shame. I am fond of this distro. Grabbed everything, first time, including no-frills HP printer-driver. Up and running, like, right now. Even has spell-check for email. Has big, cheery icons. Neat music when it opens. Loads fast; and, if I want, verbose manner. When it's done loading, it's really done and ready to go (no interminably blinking cursor). And, of course, I am immune to bad guys.

My secret, though, is I miss the rough and tumble of the Windows world -- staying ahead of crocodiles. Alert to threats. On top of TechNet. This here OS is like a backwater. Ain't nothing happening!

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Just admit it you're a dedicated masochist, that's why you

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Testimony

prefer MS Windows.

Now, my son, he stays with Windows simply because the company that makes the game he prefers only hires people trained by MS to write their software - because they're cheaper to hire. Now, THAT'S a practical reason to stay with Windows - until he can afford to buy the latest version of Crossover, as it plays his game OK.

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by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Just admit it you're a de ...

Wrong level.

Phoo. Messed it all up. [sighs]

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by santeewelding In reply to Just admit it you're a de ...

You may err, Ernest.

Pay ever more attention than you already and sophisticatedly do to motivation. You may never, ever claim for your own what is mine.

Tech writing, in all its ingloriousness, might thank you.

I would.

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I may have erred; sometimes I do, when trying to understand

by Deadly Ernest In reply to "Prefer"

what others mean in what they say. From past posts I had the impression you did prefer Windows over Linux.

On a personal issue, I do have some issues with the way some things are done in Linux, but, when faced with other issues that have a more direct application to me, I shrug and move on. Things like:

1. The much lower cost of the OS and most applications I need.

2. The ease and speed of installation, as against that of Windows.

3. Much lower maintenance aspects after installation.

4. Ease of updates and upgrades - this can vary between flavours of Linux, just as it does between flavours of Windows.

5. No need to close all windows and applications to reboot the system after just about every update or upgrade or installation of an application.

6. The built in, from the foundations, of the operational security sandboxes.

The above are the main reasons, but there are others that cause me to stay with SimplyMepis Linux over Windows, despite the hassles I sometimes have with the Disgustedly Recording Management systems put in DVDs and CDs by the Rip-off Industry A**holes Association so I can't play my legally bought DVDs and CDs on my computer. It only costs them money. Now, I don't purchase anything that I can't prove it will play on my computer before I purchase it. You should see the look on the faces of the shop owners when I ask for them to prove it'll play on a computer. Some refuse to prove it, and get upset when I just walk out the door and leave the intended purchase sitting on their counter; some assure me it can, then get a surprise when it doesn't; others are quite happy to prove it, and take my money when it can - about 3% of the time with new stuff the big labels expects to do well with, and about 95% with the small label stuff.

BTW: When I saw the title of this thread as Testimony, I wondered if you were relating a religious experience - then read and realised that you probably were, for you.

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We can leave "religious", as in, religamentation

by santeewelding In reply to I may have erred; sometim ...

Out of this.

Last night, I had to trudge to a video rental store, unknowing about the neighborhood, in order to return a rental for a friend. It was, "Inglorious Basterds". He said it had five days to go. I could watch it, if I promised to return it under the time.

Which, I did. Only, I didn't get to watch it. I got all these crazy error messages. After submitting it to Vista Home Basic, on my other machine, it never got past the FBI warning. Downloaded 10,000 codecs. Still, nothing on VHB.

No, Ernest. For me, religious, or religamentation, goes probably well beyond what you are accustomed to accommodating. Be perfectly happy to ream your *** with respect to the latter. Not, however, to the former -- the tech-shilt.

You, among others, are my trusted resource.

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OK, It has been a while.

by seanferd In reply to Testimony

But I am curious about 2 things.
The first is, file:///root/tmp/
Wherever that root directory is, your personal data files or a user temp files probably should not be in it. Strikes me as odd. Unless it is a removable drive.

Second thing what strikes me as odd is
Which suggests to me that maybe it really is not an ogg vorbis file, but a link of some sort. Or perhaps giving it a proper name without the escapes would help if it is indeed an ogg file.

I know I have downloaded files with escapes for spaces in the name, when there was no prior indication of these. I have also gotten odd link files or bits of website code rather than the actual target file. It has been a while since I've had a strange local copying issue, so I can't speak to those. (Windows 95, man. Windows 95.)

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actually, the escapes bit confused me too

by Deadly Ernest In reply to OK, It has been a while.

the tmp directory in root is where the SYSTEM usually puts temporary files it's going to delete when it's finished with them - anyway, that's my understanding - but it usually sticks them in sub-folders within the tmp folder.

Many versions of Linux also have the root/tmp folder only as a link folder for that duty and it creates it when an user logs on, and links to the folder within that user's home directory. This way it also brings in some files that the system needs for that user (files similar to the Windows .ini files), and deletes them (by deleting the link) when the user logs off.


Now, as to the %20 to replace the blank space - I'm not saying Linux can't or doesn't do it, but I've only ever seen it done by some Windows systems and not seen it done in any of the Linux systems I've used - but I've not used them all, or looked for this happening in them, just not seen it done to any file names I've for files I've used. I've many file names with blank spaces, and they all copy nicely. The inclusion of the %20 may even be an aspect of the application used at the time.

My first guess is this was a copy of created file called '13 We Three Kings of Orient Are-l.ogg' meaning this was track 13 from the CD and the rest is the title, and it may have been originally created in or for Windows. - but I could be wrong.

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Any time I experience the ' ' instance ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to OK, It has been a while.

It usually points to a file containing illegal/unrecognised characters within the file name.

Generally, totally renaming it within the current OS will render the file usable once more.

Some systems simply do not like Unicode.

*The title is hiding my %20 !!

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