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my doubt is, assoon as we get a build from the development team i will set up the test environment and finally i will send a mail to all my test engineers with appropriate link. so as soon as testing engineer get a mail he/she will copy the URLinto the browser then they will start test .That is OK for me but

I want to know how exactly they will install the Build i mean the procedure. Bcoz am speaking about the .net applicatiuon normally we will get in the .msi format(microsoft installation).

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What about talking with the Dev team?

by JPLconsultant In reply to Testing

Wouldn't this be a process you work with your Dev team?


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Yeah we are supposed to know anything about his organization

by ManiacMan In reply to What about talking with t ...

and their organizational structure...or lack thereof I should say? I still don't get the purpose of why he posted such an ambiguous and useless question.

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What about the SOP?

by JPLconsultant In reply to Yeah we are ...

I've not got much experience with a variety of companies that have test groups, but I do have a lot of experience as a Test Engineer for one company that had a lot of test groups. The structure/process/format/whatever -you-call-it for how dev code was pushed to the testers, how it was tested, how the test results were reported, etc. were all part of a Standard Operating Procedure that everyone had access to.

Oh well. $5 or a frothy beer (your choice) says he won't come back to provide more info or make the question more clear.


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send an email with a URL

by CG IT In reply to Testing

that's the first indication of a nob or FNG hack.

Get some idiot to click on a URL to run a test... ah huh...

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SPAMmers have to test their code.

by JPLconsultant In reply to send an email with a URL

Maybe this is a SPAM organization testing out new phishing emails?

[pre] Hi. I am nigerian royalty.
My TR account was locked.
They are holding it hostage.
You can help me, just by giving me
all your cache...[/pre]


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