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By boxfiddler Moderator ·
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I'm showing as logged out, the log in button won't load a dialogue so I can log in. Yet, I can post this rambling bit of useless dialogue generated in the attempt to get a log in prompt.

*raises eyebrows up and down*
Zees eez eenteresteenk.

Trying to post a discussion generated a log in prompt, but didn't post the discussion, or take me back to the one I was going to start. Dialing in, if that's relevant. Oh, wait. Hold the if. Took seven minutes to load the forums page. :0

Seven freaking minutes.

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by AnsuGisalas In reply to Testing...

That's better than Joyce!

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Happen to me too

by Fregeus In reply to Testing...

a couple of days ago. Never managed to get it fixed. It went away on its own.


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If it helps any

by Tigger_Two In reply to Testing...

I can be shown as logged in, go to post, post disappears and I get a log in pop, log in, rewrite the post, go to post, and get a log in pop again. Of course, the post disappears again.

I think that stuff like that is more likely to happen when they are in bug fix mode, but I don't know that for sure. What I know is that it is annoying as h*ll.

Friday Night Music tonight?

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Go for it.

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to If it helps any

I'm dialing in, so no participation. Can't load 'em to listen... *sighs* The Internet is NOT dialup friendly any more.

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log in button never works for me . . .

by Who Am I Really In reply to Testing...

I have to click the login link at the top of the page
in the top most blue bar
where yer user name shows when logged in

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That's the link that wouldn't work.

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to log in button never works ...

Obviously, I won't be logging out anytime soon... :^0

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Well if this helps Davette

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Testing...

There are numerous times that after I log in I get messages a red line with white text in it that my attempted post isn't allowed.

I have to go to the top Bar Log Out and then back in again before I can submit the post.

At least now I'm not loosing what I had typed in which is an improvement. :0


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Not losing your posts

by Tigger_Two In reply to Testing...

At least you are keeping them. I have been taking the step with anything longer than a couple dozen words of writing in a text editor and c/p to the site. That way, at least I can reduce my frustration load.

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Thats what I do

by AV . In reply to Not losing your posts

I use Wordpad now to create the posts so I don't lose them for one reason or another.


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by seanferd In reply to Testing...

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