Testing/checking distribution list ?

By Oz_Media ·
Okay, so I just had 94 emails bounce back with illegal host/domain name errors.

It seems that everyone, but two people in the office that I copied, bounced back.
I have used this list before and two or three came back with an error but I don't see why they would ALL bounce back now. Would ONE address throw the entire list out?

Could it be an issue with the ISP, because it was delivered IN the office but not outside of the office.

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If it is coming from the same location..

I.E., your computer, then there is a good possibility that they would bounce back from just one address. But as it is Not going outside, it is weird that you would get this. Unless you are testing something out that the server is unaware of then it might reject your e-mail, or someone has given you wrong e-mail addresses of which you would get these bounced back to you. Have you checked the e-mail server to see if it is running ok.
Just a hunch.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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by Oz_Media In reply to If it is coming from the ...

Firstly, thank you for your pompt reply!

There is NO internal mail server, small office, everything runs through the ISP (Shaw).

I have had this happen with two or three addresse before, but only thos bounced back as they were incorrect, the rest of the list went no problem.

I think I will try sending again from home later, I use the same ISP but with a different connection.

Anything else you can think of would be appreciated too.

Why can't they just release a list checker for test sending to a distribution list?
Not to check pople's spam filtering etc. tatwill vary but perhaps just to test for actual addresses in case one is mssing an @ or a .com or something.

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May be an Anti-Spam measure

by IC-IT In reply to Testing/checking distribu ...

a lot of ISPs are limiting the sending of more than XX mails and/or addressees from one address at a time.
I'd give them a yell see if an exception is allowable.

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I hear you

by Oz_Media In reply to May be an Anti-Spam measu ...

We do have business cass ISP access, and I have sent the exact same list, less two or three a couple of weeks ago.

A partner here also sends out to a similar list without issues.

Thanks for your reply, I welcome any other thoughts you have.

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