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    text area in MS Excel 2000 VBA


    by polanis ·

    I have this worksheet whose first sheet is the “input” sheet while all the other sheets are protected sheets whose input comes from the first sheet. Now i have been trying to find a solution to having a test area which will take the input and paste it into the output sheets. The problem that occurs is the formatting. I want them to fit in the print area and be word wrapped. Does anybiody has an idea as to how to accomplish this?

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      by madcatr ·

      In reply to text area in MS Excel 2000 VBA

      Using the Edit->Fill->Justify for the print area range will word wrap the text for you. However, there is one major caveat; if the amount of text when set within the range is greater in size; i.e., it is below your print area, it will go below and it will not print unless you print to fit on one page.

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