text CLOB on a web page?

By john.a.wills ·
I want to put a CLOB on a web page. The CLOB is fillable with text. I want the CLOB to be almost as wide as the page, with 15 lines at a time showing on the page, and with a vertical scrollbar to show more of the text. The CLOB is from a database table. What should the HTML look like? Better, what should the PL/SQL (with htp procedures) look like? Better yet, how can I effect this with Banner tools (no-one at the SungardHE Commons site is responding)? At present I have this code:
cattributes => 'SUMMARY=' ||
g$_nls.get('bzkstjo1-0005','SQL','Detailed Student Job Info')||
'" WIDTH="90%" cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 border=1 ');
twbkfrmt.p_tabledataheader('<b>Job Description in Detail: </b>');

I get the heading correct, then a field 2 lines deep stretching beyond the right of the page, with a horizontal scrollbar at the bottom of the page and no vertical scrollbar. The data I enter in the field gets into the database and reappears as required.

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