Textpad problem

By mcashen ·
I have a very large dpf file that i converted to texpad.This file relates to different account numbers and some account numbers have 1 page some have 2 pages and some have more than 20 pages.I need to remove the accounts from the file that have more than 20 pages and print these separately.Is there a way in textpad that I can count the lines after my bookmarked lines and cut the ones that belong to accounts that are more than 20 pages long and put these in a separate file for printing separately. by the way in case you have not guessed I am not a programmer.

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Out of curiosity

by The Scummy One In reply to Textpad problem

have you looked in the help files in the program?
It appears that this is designed to alter, format, and edit text easily. Removing, copying/pasting should be a key function of it.

Try searching the help

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Texpad problem

by mcashen In reply to Out of curiosity

Yes I have looked but i can't work out a solution . My problem is that the first line of the account gives the The Address and other details this is followed by varying lines of transactions some accounts have only 20 lines following the first line but others have hundreds of lines of tranactions.I need to separete the accounts that have hundreds of lines of tranactions away from the smaller ones. The first line has a common starting point (account) so i can bookmark this but I need to keep all the lines of transactions intact with its first line and then sort the file based on the number of lines following the first line. Because i need to keep the intact account together . there are too many accounts in the file to simply manually cut and paste. I need to automate it as i need to do this every week with a different file and cutting and pasting without sorting is just too slow. Thanks for your help and I hope you can help me further as this is very time consuming trying to do this manually.

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