TFTP is driving me completely insane

By fishingforbasses ·
okay so i have two cisco 2500s and two 2700XL switches.

I am trying to update my firmware for these devices, because I am not able to use the range command.

Now I have tried like 5 friggin tftp clients. I cannot figure them out.

does anyone know of a drag and drop very simple program that will allow me to update my cisco gear without all this fustration? I do not want to spend four hours learning this crap when I could spend that four hours towards my ccna.

Most of these programs lack good documentation. it is very hard trying to figure this stuff out.

As I said i just want a simple program that allows my computer to act as a TFTP server and i want to drag and drop the IOS file, type the "copy tftp flash" and be done with it.

thank alot

cannot continue without this information.

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Have you tried

by Fregeus In reply to TFTP is driving me comple ...

TFTP server from Solarwinds?

Its one of the simplest ones I know.

You install it, it creates a folder called TFTP-root on your C: drive. Thats the folder you use to store the files you want to transfer.
You launch the application, go to settings and press the start button.
Once the server is started, you type in your Cisco device <em>copy tftp "whatever" </em> and copy what you want.


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