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Thank you Inprivate Filtering

By melias ·
My ISP recently "upgraded" their home page. Now I have much more opportunities to spend my ill-gotten gains.

Wow! I did not know I could make over $80 an hour from Google from home, I could get whiter teeth (for cheap) AND could flatten my belly by following one old rule. (I seriously need it) And each of these wonderful things were discovered by moms in my area! Sweet!

But wait, it gets better. I found out that other moms in other areas discovered the same exact things! Simply by going on vacation and browsing the internet I have plenty of other opportunities.

I may be way behind the curve here, but's that ok. Other browsers probably have the same capabilities. I just want to thank Microsoft for letting me block requests from add servers for some content about my system/browser so I no longer get those annoying adds. Instead I get a not-annoying white space on the page. As far as the page owner not getting paid for dead add space, how about adds not aimed at a specific location. Those don't irritate quite as much, though I have to admit the adds for swipebids are fairly enraging, knowning how they operate.

But, this is a thank you to MS for giving me the ability to do this. Fellow readers can take this opportunity to thank the developer of choice to do the same if you wish.

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Sure. Thank you NoScript and AdBlock Plus.

by seanferd In reply to Thank you Inprivate Filte ...

You have made me a happy internet user for several years now.

And I can also collapse the annoying white space. Sweet!

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Ditto seanferd.

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Thank you Inprivate Filte ...
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Oh. Hi hi hi.

by seanferd In reply to Ditto seanferd.
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I meant to ask at the time

by santeewelding In reply to Oh. Hi hi hi.

So, I will now: collapse the white space?

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Trip the Light Fantastic.

by seanferd In reply to I meant to ask at the tim ...

Collapse the white space, light a fire, kick back and charter a flight.

Unless you are busy dealing with a Massive Disturbance In The Force, in which case you should collapse the black space.

Or, or, crack open some white space as directed. Put things in it. Not like in a box, but like in a space. Overlapping phase spaces at will.

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Or, or, or

by NexS In reply to Trip the Light Fantastic.

Crack open a bottle of scotch and drink 'til the ads get exciting.

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Dunno about you all

by NexS In reply to Thank you Inprivate Filte ...

But I quite like those ads reminding me of how I need to get off the computer and go for a run.

I like knowing that free viruses can be downloaded (for free) by clicking that link.

It makes me happy when I see all those adverts for free things.

So I thank all those 15 year old kids with nothing better to do than write viruses, dodgey clothing stores that, somehow, manage to get their adverts on the internet, and the stereotyping bastards who assume that everyone sitting at a computer needs to lose weight.

Thank you all.


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