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Thanks and have a great day.

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What's your question?

by DC_GUY In reply to thanks

Are you worried that someone can get into your computer through his?

Or are you using his access point to get onto the internet and wonder whether you've opened an exposure?

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Helping yourself to a neighbor's bandwidth

by Info-Safety, LLC In reply to thanks

There are at least two issues here. One is that his unencrypted communications leave him and others who use the network very few degrees of separation from a cracker having complete control of their computers, all of the information on them, including tax returns, etc, and his network. The other is that his unsecured wireless network allows others to help themselves to his bandwidth.

I hope this helps.

Crig Herberg

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Is there any question while our integrity is on the line?

by tx1cajun In reply to Helping yourself to a nei ...

Please think about the reputation of others when you slide on to someone else's service. Some personal integrity is on the line. Have we lost total ssnse of right and wrong? Do we have to ask if something like this is right and how to do it?

Please wake up or get out of the business.

Just a thought,

Chuck McManus
The McManus Group
Plano, TX

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It's interesting to note that ...

by deepsand In reply to Is there any question whi ...

the originator of this thread as of yet has failed to reappear here.

Perhaps he was surprised at the reception he received.

One bad apple?

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Original poster surprised at reception

by Info-Safety, LLC In reply to It's interesting to note ...

He probably did not expect the responses he got. A lot of decent people have the impression that wireless means free access, and the wireless vendors do nothing to discourage that notion. That would probably hurt sales.

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Either that, or, ...

by deepsand In reply to Original poster surprised ...

his neighbor cut him off.

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Oh, the irony

by Info-Safety, LLC In reply to Either that, or, ...

Perhaps his neighbor is new to TR, and discovered he was getting his network "reallocated."

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I did something similar recently

by gralfus In reply to thanks

I had my Linksys access point set up with WPA on wireless G, and thought I was safe, but I was in mixed mode. I didn't discover that I was wide open until I built another PC that had wireless on the mobo, and it suddenly discovered my connection and started downloading updates from Microsoft. It never even asked for a passkey. I switched to G-only on the access point, and the connection was broken. Lesson learned. Your neighbor may think he is safe, but you might gain brownie points by helping him configure his setup.

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Wireless mixed mode

by Info-Safety, LLC In reply to I did something similar r ...

You mentioned that your access point was wide open with mixed mode even with WPA turned on. It sounds like you must have had authentication type set to Auto, which allows either Open System or Shared Key authentication to be used. Unfortunately, the default is set to auto on the Linksys, and you have to go to the Advanced Wireless Security settings page to change it. This is scary stuff for people who don't work with it regularly.

Craig Herberg

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2 different issues in play here.

by deepsand In reply to thanks

1) His security measures are irrelevant.

2) If you are using his access point to gain connectivity, such is, at best, unethical; at worst, illegal.

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