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    That pesky code 39 error on hardware devices


    by Anonymous ·

    Let’s face it, who hasn’t been bugged by these problems. usually when you repair install after upgrading some major hardware component.

    Did you know with a little registry tweaking, it can all go away and your devices will work happily afterwards?

    What does Microsoft say the reason for a code 39 error is?

    “Reasons for this error include a driver that is not present; a binary file that is corrupted; a file I/O problem, or a driver that references an entry point in another binary file that could not be loaded.”

    But you and I know this is complete bollocks. We all know that UpperFilters and LowerFilters can be removed from the registry for fixing CD-ROM troubles. A search of techrepublic shows up a few response about this.

    Did you know that we can also apply this to other code39 errors? Floppy not working? Search for it’s upperfilters entry and remove it. Reboot, bingo! A working floppy disk. It also works for your audio devices as well. It should work for any hardware device in your system that has an upperfilters and/or lowerfilters registry entry. At least it worked perfectly for me on a system that had multiple code 39 errors on the audio device and floppy disk drive.

    Don’t forget to backup your registry before editing.

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