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That's the final straw: someone get me out of the UK

By gadgetgirl ·

Ok, that?s it, I?ve had enough. This was the final straw for me.

A complaint by a MINISTER that the British Proms are TOO BRITISH.

On the television news last night, they even complained about the flag-waving during ?Land of Hope and Glory?. WHAT?!

Now look. Application of common sense, please. We ARE British. Yes, we have other cultures in our midst, but we live in BRITAIN. We do not live in BritIndiPakiAfriZealandOzCanadAmericEU.

If someone comes over here to live from another country, they must think we?re a nice place to be. AS IS Why do we have to change?

I have no objection to making certain allowances for other cultures/religions, and yes, I treat everyone equally regardless of race, religion, culture, gender etc., but surely the basis of people coming over here in the first place, is to want to be here as it?s better than their original home. So why try to change it and make it INTO what/where they have left?

Have I lost the plot, here? ? No, don?t answer that.

Why do we have to have separate laws for separate cultures and religions? No matter what their origin, these people are now in BRITAIN. They are here for a reason ? it?s better than where they were, so why try to bring in differing statutes to the rest of us?

I?m not getting at any culture or religion (you know me better than that) but I just want to know ? if anyone cares to answer ? why we should let others decide what is now to be considered British, and what isn?t.

Has my logic tilted, or am I looking at this all wrong? It?s actually ?us Brits? that I?m getting tee-ed off at, for allowing ourselves to be de-culturalised (is that a word?) in the first place.

This is the final straw, for me, in a long line of things that are appearing to de-British the British. It?s becoming a stupid country in which to live.


Anyone over there want a lodger? (Clean, neat, tidy, house-trained, and can cook?)


Edit: multi-tasking - can't spell and rant at the same time....

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Come and live with me Gadge

by tintoman In reply to That's the final straw: s ...

ok so it wont get you out of rip off britain but we can while away our years ranting about the state of the country.
In the end it takes a lot to understand how any country could pay such close attention to the "feelings" of other cultures over something like the proms and at the same time bomb the crap out of afghanistan and iraq and whoever happens to be next on the list.
The reality is that while people are killing each other for entertainment our beloved government amuse themselves by concentrating more important issues like dreaming up more ways to tax us, and close post offices, and hospitals...and schools.....razor blade anyone?

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You're not far enough away!

by gadgetgirl In reply to Come and live with me Gad ...

there's only 150 miles difference!

Oh well.

However, I'll yell if I'm passing your way!

nice to know it's not just me......


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by JamesRL In reply to That's the final straw: s ...

I have sung in various choirs and participated in a number of Last Night of the Proms concerts. This despite the fact that Canada and Toronto in particular is becoming far more diverse. They generally sell out. And yes they wave UNION JACKS!!! And we sing 'God save the Queen', something we used to do in pubic schools in the 60s, along side 'O Canada'

How much of it is newcomers and how much is political "correctness'.


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probably 50/50

by gadgetgirl In reply to Gee....

but at the moment it feels more like 75/25.

We're already known for being "PC gone mad" and for using leniency when we shouldn't - oh, see todays EU rant on celebrity drug takers for that one, I'll edit in a link later - but so many are getting away with allsorts just because they "don't understand our culture" it's ridiculous.

If I have time, I'll post personal examples later.


Edit: add link specified above -

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You are always welcome here

by Tig2 In reply to That's the final straw: s ...

But keep in mind that the US is no better. And in some ways worse.

Google Australia Country Rant foreigner. Don't be surprised to discover that Australia handled a similar issue differently- as in "If you don't like our culture, you are welcome to leave."

I can't say that it will get better. But it will only change if the people WANT it to change.

Sorry sweetie. That's just the way it is.

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by gadgetgirl In reply to You are always welcome he ...

that's how WE should be doing it.

If you don't like it, leave, or don't come here in the first place.

Hmm. US worse? From what I've seen of the Obama/Clinton debacle, you could very well be right.....


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The US is horrid...

by Keighlar In reply to Y'see...

We can't even agree to simply make English the official language.

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No, you speak and write American.

by gadgetgirl In reply to The US is horrid...

Trust me.

I have a works email account stuck solid on US spelling.

That ain't English to us Brits!


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The Brits made a MAJOR mistake

by Ed Woychowsky In reply to No, you speak and write A ...

Y'all should have copyrighted English. Just think of the revenue that you missed-out on.

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yes, and

by gadgetgirl In reply to The Brits made a MAJOR mi ...

if we'd invented spool chockers too, just think of the amount we could have fined you for incorrect spelling....

Would have written off the WWII debt 20 years earlier....!

(that was HUMOUR, dear, HUMOUR .... )


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