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The Above Average Tinkerer Strikes Again!

By the24Frans ·
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The Current Quest

by the24Frans In reply to The Above Average Tinkere ...

<p>Start the Blog, kid.</p>
<p>OK, the current quest is to see what is slowing down and bugging up the current XP Pro installation.  I get tired of having to reinstall it, as tracking down the particular corrupted or problem file is sometimes so time-consuming that I end up believing my time is better used to start over, which I realize later is not really true.</p>
<p>I have had too much trouble with System Restore to consider it as an alternative.  It is just another 'black box' consumer solution that never really teaches me anything for future troubleshooting and rarely solves the problem.  In fact, I have gone to restore the system with a particular restore point, and every one I choose isn't available for use..only points after the problem change are available. This occurred several times before I caught on... Lots of  'consumer solutions' seem like that, I have observed-useless unless you know all about them before you've ever had the problem.  So once again, I embark on the search for someone with a similar problem, or a sufficiently rigorous, but not jargon-laden and unnecessarily technical article that points at possible points of investigation or understandable solutions. Technical is good-It's just often more technical than need be.</p>
<p>Oh! There is a related problem I've had that someone here could shed some light on.  I only ask for live or e-mail technical help from the vendor when i've been searching for days or weeks for possible solutions, probable causes, and or explanations for the issue I am facing.  Then I get treated like someone who didn't even bother to look, and/or are given a fix without any obvious purpose related to the malfunction, and when I say I don't agree with the application of  patches unless I know why they will help, what they do, and why my system worked before without the blasted things, I get pat and useless answers that assume I am questioning whether they know what they are doing.  It's usually obvious from my question that I merely seek to understand a solution before I apply it.  I like to know what changes I am making, especially if they are system wide! Windows update is bad enough about opaque patches that teach me nothing about the workings of my system!</p>
<p>Anyhow, I generally do not adequately document the problem-solving process.  Perhaps using a blog solely created for such purposes will help, perhaps not.  If not, a reader will observe very few entries after this one, I guess...</p>
<p>I am branching out into beta testing, starting small, but have trouble sometimes knowing just where to report a bug, or report a workaround I found for an issue for the particular beta software.  Specifically, a beta test of a firewall from AOL.  I guess I don't qualify as a tester until I can find an obscure command embedded into a strange menu selection )  I wish I was one of those people who can ask a question with out first searching on it intensively. Dagnabbit, here I go again!</p>
<p>Finnegan, Begin Again!</p>

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