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The access to the Red Hat

By samik ·
I have eventually installed the Red Hat 9.0 (I changed IDE configuration from my bios-put compatible mode), but now when everything is finihed I can't have an access to the Red HAt...I have two systems installed in my computer...One is Windows XP and the second is Red Hat 9.0...
Now when computer starts its work, its starts with Win XP and no one prompt that there is also another system on it...
What can I do to make computer load Red Hat as well...
Thanks for the answer beforehand...

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by zerbo In reply to The access to the Red Hat

This is dual boot problem.
Try to google 'dual boot linux XP'.

You need to copy first 512b from linux boot partition (check with fdisk -t, I think..), copy it to file (use dd comand) and copy it to c. Then edit boot.ini (this is hidden file on c:\) and add
'c:\name_of_file="RH Linux"'.

For more information use google. There is manu articles about this.

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by samik In reply to The access to the Red Hat

I have eventually installed Red Hat and get an access to it with the utillity of "Dual boot" ...
So I'd like to express my goodness to all people who helped me, and especially Zerbo who give me the last hit...
Now this topic can be closed...

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by hackersforum In reply to The access to the Red Hat

Well as u said the problem has been solved, i would like to tell you something about it. When you change the IDE will effect the booting of Linux because, all the mounting of the devices (partition in this case) is because of
/etc/fstab file, which has entries like:---
/dev/hda1 / ......

hda means primary master
so, if u change to secondry master...the entry has to be modified as /dev/hdc and so on...

Remember to make a linux floppy, which u can use to restore boot loader. or u can also use Linux cd in rescue mode:-
goto /boot/Grub or if Grub boot loader
or run lilo command if LILO loader....

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