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The Advent Of ICT(Information Communication and Technology)

By emekusman ·
All of a sudden I have begun to notice the use of the abbreviation ICT(Information Communication and Technology)by many companies who previously simply termed or categorized themselves as either IT firms or telecommunication firms.
These seems to me very appropriate as it is almost impossible to separate the activities of these companies. I would like to hear your views on this.

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Slightly redundant...

by mlayton In reply to The Advent Of ICT(Informa ...

...I would think of this term as slightly redundant - unless you think you are somehow going to be able to communicate information without technology. The continued trend toward convergence indicates that the term information technnology would include the telecommunications part as a part of technology. It reminds me of courses I took before "information technology" became the popular phrase - they were courses in "computing and telecommunication management". Now they are "Information Technology management", which seems appropriate. If they become "Information Communication and Technology" courses in the future, it seems we are going backward!

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Just another way to hype what they can't do

by JimHM In reply to The Advent Of ICT(Informa ...

Just another way of selling product - they can't do it but they say they are a ICT because they can provide for VOIP/Internet connection and other stuff... I would stick with the Big three until the dust settles...

Remember when everyone was a CASE TOOL - or everyone was the new Hype word tool because they had a small bit part to play. This is the same - Stick with - IBM - EDS - HP for your best solutions...

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The dinosaur speaks

by DC_GUY In reply to The Advent Of ICT(Informa ...

It used to be just "data processing." You didn't have to say "communications" because there weren't any yet.

My first job was an "E.D.P. Trainee". The running gag was, "Gee, tree munts ago I cudn't even spel 'EDP' and now I are one!"

Before that, the only computers and EAMs that anyone was familiar with were all made by IBM. Everybody said stuff like, "Let's send that down to IBM before the cutoff for the weekly update." You didn't have to say "batch update" because that was the only kind there was.

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