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The Art of Designing, MS DOS GRID

By betamaxie_unalove ·
As my input, also wears The Crown That belongs to Internet, you may or may not be aware, that I am unemployed in Netherlands, where Verocious Predators, have freeplay in Industries, arrogant enough to assume like IBM for instance that ''Advanced Home Professional for 2 Vista Products'' is a special invite by Microsoft Netherlands, to attack and destroy ''Person''s'' Equipment and steal the new ideas being developed for security and enhancement. I know now for instance, that in 1993 Netherlands attitude from the top down is at the basis of a lot of The Economic Problems we have today. The Culprit: ""Microsoft''s Office Instructor"" The birthdefect (cloggfeet) comes with the territory of having a job well above specified skills for a designer who happens to be programmer and not very good at administration. Not saying that I am, but I took pride in my job as an administration worker, and years of experience, made my desing a little job of 5 minutes, and Windows ''95, completed with Office saw the light as U.nited Nations had Wanted. Everybody went with it, only Internet threw this dream back into the pool of Nightmares. Because I was not engaged in Internet until 2004, I never figured everybody''s agony untill some time ago, I descovered what''s at the basis of Virustechnology, and Mental input distorting a Nations existence on The WEB by coming with a nasty Parasite who''s nest is Inside Governments official Unlawfull practise of Windows completed with Shadow Volume. The Parasite builds like an autopilot on the rampage, starting it''s root in 1993, when professional world decided a student was not up to carry the design she made through the developing stages of Windows, apart from my Spiritual Ownership being denied, I am looking at a widow''s benefit not enough to rent a dog house let alone have a garden too. The business Idea''s for innovation of Industries anywhere were handed out by Industry, looking for Technology and trying out what they had not designed, and could not calculate the effects of. But it made them profit and expansion. That Spiritual Ownership also is the security inside the awareness MS DOS has, which can be investigated as deep as inside America''s White House, and which dates back to days of Mr. Clinton, had a daily briefing since with Mr. Bush, and will continue when Mr. Obama elect takes his rightfull place in The Institute White House in service of United Nations and Prosperity for All. I take it this Economy scare, is Te Negative situation in which I test my solutions in Theory as well as think out practical Virtual Gadgets, that have a way of beginning inside a complex Craft. namely Arts without automated Autocad. It is an ARTS and as such not a subject discussed lower than University level. My Life''s experience are at the basis of my evel of knowledge, and have inspired me to become involved in Healing Process. It is a Proud thing to have inspire AVG, to commit an active Anti Virus Program to healing a Virus rather than destroy it from the root. And then there are the subjects as Teaching Anna Microsoft Narrator. I don''t want to worry Industries and Developers, but discovering Vista to be as bent as the MS DOS Version at the basis of it clinches the spawing of a Parasite as large as This Country''s Network in Business. It attacks every Windows Office in Use anywhere, and where would it Hide. I''ve been everywhere and could not find the egg where it starts from as a kind of Harakiri Node. The effect Spam bills throughout professional Business, and it also has effect on people banking through the WEB. It slowly builds itself through a systems registry configuration using spyware to build itself untill it is big enough to cause your system to crash, after which Format C is a neccesity and the whole proces starts all over again. As I recall this is somewhat like Feedbackloop, and can also be transformed. Like A Quarantine field, Which I deployed las februari to come to the cause of all our problems. Because Windows reliability grew since 2004(it needed less patches to keep Windows working), I could not fiure out what happened, until I remembered my DOS Training upon which the memory of my design in simultation project dawned on me. I cannot even remember how many spaces as colums I designed for administrative purpose into an A4. What I would like to know from the collectives LInux and Ubuntu, is how long ago did developement start, because I fear where DOS as Module carries the content, it might also become more and more aware of it''s environment, and start to destroy the Program''s reliability from within.
It''s not the money that bothers my, but I worked ever sinceI was 14. I am 51 now, and It bothers me not tha I am a number in society, but Netherlands professional attitude is intent on Nullifying the Number that I am, which makes my life impossible to continue in a human Society.
Business Licence I cannot even get free lance permit. I'';m lookig to the Internet, to find my luck elsewhere. But I have to face the worst. You may do a Job offer I have todecline, because I cannot even jump on a plane out of here. We call this""Berufsverbot"", and usually asociated with The old German Democratic Republic, The Western world looks down on. My Nationality is Dutch, well after all we are close neigbours.
P.S. A Dual Core expresses it''s double identity by '' and ""

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